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Welcome to Peppe's World

Welcome to my world of Sicilian recipes

Hi! I am Giuseppe Prestigiacomo, but you will soon get to know me as Peppe.

I am a Sicilian Chef, a pizza chef, and an entrepreneur. Back in 2001, I packed my things and left Sicily for a new life in London, and what an adventure that has been!

Since arriving in the U.K. I had one clear mission: bringing to life here the true flavours of my land. I am committed to the strenuous search for good quality and genuine ingredients and I can promise you this: in my restaurants, you will only find dishes that I have personally created, from my pizza, my sauces, and all the rest of my recipes.

It was following this commitment that in June 2010 I developed the idea of creating a healthy, natural, highly digestible pizza dough.

I spent a long time handpicking the finest ingredients but that was very well invested time: today my recipe of the pizza dough is created with prestigious Italian and Sicilian flours, a 100% natural mixture of stone-ground new and ancient grains. We use only natural yeasts and the dough is left to leaven for 48 hours. And because we do it like in the old times, we have a much reduced quantity of salt compared to a commercial dough and we allow the flavours and scents of the grains to come to life instead.

But it is not all about pizza either. Our meat is selected from local small suppliers based in Surrey, UK. The animals are raised on diets primarily composed of pasture and natural grains. Our fresh fish is imported weekly from Sicily. In addition, all flours, pasta, dairy products and vegetables are all authentic and genuine ingredients.

Today I am really satisfied with these achievements, but I am also aware that this process has only just begun. I am determined to keep looking for genuine and quality ingredients to offer authentic Italian and Sicilian flavours to our customers. The union between the doughs and the best available ingredients will generate new and unique recipes and new and unique experiences for you, our customers. No matters if you come to my restaurant, or if organise a catering instead, my commitment to you remains the same. Find out more

Welcome to Peppe's world - welcome to my world of Sicilian recipes