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Shyra £4.25| £6.50 | £8.50 | £25.00

Intense and full, expressed with pleasant hints of small woodland fruits, notes of Mediterranean shrub and spices. Well-structured, pleasantly persistent fresh with a soft, finale that reminds us of the fruit.

Frappato £4.25 | £6.50 | £8.50 | £25.00

(SICILIA) A rich bouquet, with scents of red berry fruits, blackcurrants and blackberries, perfectly melded with attractive vanilla notes. Soft yet well-structured, with hints of wild berry fruits and spices.

Salice Salentino £5.50 | £7.50 | £9.75 | £30.00

(PUGLIA)Aroma of red fruit jam with spice and oak characters, warm and lingering finish

Nero d’Avola £5.00 | £7.25 | £9.50 | £29.00

(SICILIA) Intense red ruby. Fruity bouquet with pleasant spicy tinges, typical of the grape variety, blending well with toasted almond and vanilla hints. Soft and well-balanced.

Chianti £5.50| £7.50 | £9.75 | £30.00

(TOSCANA) Fine, with morello cherry, forest fruit and violet scents. Dry, full-body, fresh and delightfully tannic flavour.

Valpolicella Classico £4.75 | £7.00 | £9.40 | £28.00

(PIEMONTE) Ample and remarkably complex, with scents of bitter almonds against a tenuous background of wild berries. Dry on the palate, with a fine and harmonious balance, great strength and sturdy body.

Primitivo £35.00

(PUGLIA) A wine of a good body, it has a mouth-filling flavour that is warm and soft and expresses a highly mature fruitiness, supported by a pleasant complex of sweet tannins.

Etna DOC Rosso £59.00

(SICILIA) Aromatic with the fruit of dark cherries, plums and dried strawberries and a hint of ethereal notes of liquorice and rose petals. On the palate, full-bodied and dense with soft tannins lining the palate and gently leads into a long finish.


Grecanico £4.25 | £6.50 | £8.50 | £25.00

Ample, with hints of white flowers and exotic fruit. Sapid and fresh, with delicate hints of sweet almond.

Grillo £4.75 | £7.25 | £9.25 | £27.00

(SICILIA) Bright straw yellow with an intense fresh fruit with pleasant citrus notes. Dry, soft, with remarkable freshness.

Pinot Grigio £4.75 | £7.25 | £9.25 | £27.00

(FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA) Straw yellow, with light amber tinges. The aroma is fruity and floral, with notes of banana, pineapple and wisteria blossoms. In the mouth it is dry with a great body and balance.

Sauvignon Blanc £5.00 | £7.50 | £9.50 | £29.00

(VENETO) Light straw colour. Fresh and vivacious bouquet with mineral notes. Typically aromatic, with a natural sourish note.

Albizza Chardonnay £4.75-£7.25-£27.00

(SICILIA) The brilliant yellow Angimbè is produced from the rare blend Insolia and Chardonnay grapes. The floral note takes centre stage on the palate adding an exuberant touch balanced by light body and beautiful freshness. Deliciously silky, rich palate showing harmonious presence.

Gavi £33.00

(PIEMONTE) Delicate straw-yellow colour with deep green reflections. Soft, characteristic aroma with scents of fresh fruit and white flowers. Dry but refreshing, keen and well balanced.

Etna DOC Bianco £59.00

(SICILIA) A bright and fruity white with sliced pear, lemon rind and mineral character, ash too. Full bodied, crisp fruit and clean on the finish.


Pinot Grigio Blush £4.00| £6.00 | £8.00 | £23.00

(VENETO) Pinkish colour with purple nuances. Delicate bouquets with fruity and floral hints. Dry taste, fresh and slightly sapid.

Rosato di Nero D’avola £5.50 | £8.50 | £10.50 | £30.50

(SICILIA) Produced from Nero d’Avola grapes. It is a new, fresh wine, challenging to produce if one is seeking a wine with the right balance between the body of a red and the versatility of a white.


Prosecco 99 £9.00-£30.00


Berlucchi £49.00


Spumante £7.00-£28.00

DOC Extra Brut

Champagne Paul Langier £42.00



Brunello di Montalcino 2007 £98.00

(TOSCANA) Wine made with 100% Sangiovese with Italy's highest DOCG classification. It's noted for having thicker-skinned berries and, because of this, Brunello produces wines with exceptionally bold fruit flavours, high tannin, and high acidity.

Tignanello 1997 £400.00

(TOSCANA) Indicative blend: 85% Sangiovese, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cabernet Franc. Antinori's Tignanello excels for its structure and complexity when paired with tasty red meat, seasoned cheese, spicy and very rich dishes, such as roasts of noble or braised meat. It is a meditation wine and is the ideal choice for an event or celebrating an important occasion.

Sassicaia 2009 £590.00

(TOSCANA) Sassicaia has a regal and intense red color, contains a wide variety of red fruits perfumes that give a round, full-bodied taste, with soft tannins and a long finish. A wine suitable for special occasions, which goes well with dishes of red meat and game.